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This definitive online course is the perfect complement to creative writing. It will save you time, energy, and money by teaching you how to use Microsoft Word with power.

The five self-study courses, available individually or in money-saving bundles, follow the life cycle of a book from rough draft, through editing and critiquing, and on to submission to contests or agents and editors. If self-publishing is your chosen path, there are courses for converting your manuscript to an ebook or print book.

The lessons include:

  • best practices for Word setup and usage,
  • in-depth explanation of the Word techniques,
  • working documents for doing the step-by-step exercises,
  • review documents to check your work,
  • six custom Word templates.

In the core competencies bundle (12 lessons in two courses) for ALL writers, you will master:

  • Styles for consistent text and chapter headings,
  • Navigation Pane to click from chapter to chapter, scene to scene,
  • automatic Table of Contents to create a synopsis in THREE steps,
  • AutoFormat and AutoCorrect to speed up your writing,
  • Spelling and Grammar settings customized for fiction writers,
  • Track Changes to enjoy hassle-free critiques and beta reads.

To increase you skill set, there are more bundles which include the core courses, that will teach you:

Or go hard-core and register for the  Complete Mastering Word for Fiction Writers bundle that includes all 32 lessons in all five courses.

Plus, you can get a personal review of your formatted files to make sure you did it right!

Plus, continuing online support with the instructor or a private Facebook group.

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In-person Workshops

5 Must-have Word Techniques to Do It Yourself

Every author dreams of a successful book signing where readers can’t wait to get into their story. But once the reader gets past a gorgeous cover, what does she see? Boring, hard-to-read text that turns her away? Or well-spaced, interesting text that nudges the reader into your story?

During this in-person PowerPoint presentation followed by Q&A, you will discover the five essential Word techniques to craft a professional print book.

3-Step Sneaky Synopsis

Your story is 80,000 or more words, crafted, honed, and polished. Now you want to send it out on the contest circuit or off to the hands of an agent or editor. You need to attached the dreaded synopsis. How do you distill all those words to less than 1,000 for a synopsis?

During this in-person, hands-on class, you will learn to use the power of Word to create a synopsis in three sneaky steps.

See What People Are Saying about the courses.

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