Go with the Flowable

"The word prestidigitation is hyphenated so that prest- is at the bottom of one page and idigitation is all by itself at the top of  the next page. It looks awful. Can you make it not hyphenate?" Your Friendly Formatter replies that she can't see the problem in the file previewer on her computer and assures you that … Continue reading Go with the Flowable


Where the Duck Did My File Go?

Yeah, you've been there. You're typing like a crazy person, the scenes are running like a video in your head, you can't type fast enough. Then... POOF! BLAM! ZAP! ARRRRGH! The file is gone, just ducking gone. Your first step is to go to your desktop, but it's so crowded with teeny tiny folder images … Continue reading Where the Duck Did My File Go?