Five Giveaways to Amateur Self-Publishing

How can you tell, at a glance, if the print book in your hands has been expertly formatted? Turn to the first page of the first chapter and look at five things: 1) Page Headers On the first page of each chapter, page headers are correct in their absence. That's right, there aren't any; no author or book … Continue reading Five Giveaways to Amateur Self-Publishing


What the Font?

"I'm a self-publisher. I have a great story with a beautiful cover. The content has been professionally edited and is as close to perfect as it's going to get. Is there another way to make my print book stand out?" Yes, absolutely. From what I've observed, big publishers use standard font sets for most of the … Continue reading What the Font?

Cheers and Tears

Two events happened within two days with two very different messages. First the tears. The cover conveys a message to potential readers. The font is part of the message; mysterious, romantic, or fun. For some clients, I use the cover font for the title page and chapter headings. It looks really good and gives a consistent experience to … Continue reading Cheers and Tears