Print Book Design

Five Giveaways to Amateur Self-Publishing

How can you tell, at a glance, if the print book in your hands has been expertly formatted? Turn to the first page of the first chapter and look at five things: Advertisements

What the Font?

“I’m a self-publisher. I have a great story with a beautiful cover. The content has been professionally edited and is as close to perfect as it’s going to get. Is there another way to make my print book stand out?” Yes, absolutely. From what I’ve observed, big publishers use standard font sets for most of the […]

What Does Your Friendly Formatter Need to Format Your Book?

The manuscript in a Word document and the ebook cover. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Until you look between the covers. Yep, pun intended. 🙂 Grab a book from your shelf and let’s go through it from front to back and identify all the things that your Friendly Formatter needs to give you a professionally formatted […]

Pixels and Dots and Why They Matter to Writers

“CreateSpace rejected my head shot because of poor image quality. But it looks fine on my computer. WTF?” It’s a common complaint, most frequently solved by accepting the error and crossing your fingers that the proof copy will be fine. It won’t. Your head shot will vary from slightly fuzzy to completely blurry. Why? It’s all […]

Would You Like Caps With That?

Small, dropped, raised… add a little something-extra to your print book. Caps, aka capitals or upper case letters, start a sentence. In print books, caps can be added to highlight the first few words of each chapter or scene.

Why Your eBook Doesn’t Look Like Your Print Book

“It looks fabulous!” said a client of the print book I delivered. “It makes me happy just to flip through it!” “It’s so… um… consistent?” said the same client when reviewing her ebook. “Why don’t the two books look the same?” True observations and a common question. As shown in figures A and B, samples of […]

Cheers and Tears

Two events happened within two days with two very different messages. First the tears. The cover conveys a message to potential readers. The font is part of the message; mysterious, romantic, or fun. For some clients, I use the cover font for the title page and chapter headings. It looks really good and gives a consistent experience to […]