Why Do a Print Book?

Why pay extra to have a print book formatted and covered when ebooks sell so much better? It all comes down to a story.  😉 Imagine this... You're sitting at a book-signing with about fifty other authors. The room is buzzing with excitement and energy. Hundreds of readers are strolling the room, laughing and chatting … Continue reading Why Do a Print Book?


Why Does Non-fiction Cost More to Format?

"Your non-fiction price is twice as much, or more, than your fiction. Isn't a book just a book?" Yes and no. Don't you hate answers like that? Similarities All professionally-formatted print books have some things in common: praise for the author section title page copyright page acknowledgment dedication content broken into chapters about the author … Continue reading Why Does Non-fiction Cost More to Format?

One More DIY Editing Tool: Hard Copy

Nothing beats the benefit of a good editor to point out plot holes, sagging middles and blurry character development. I wouldn't publish without one. I rely on three electronic tools to help me polish my manuscript, Word proofing options and fabulous websites and the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Read Out Loud function. Another favourite tool isn't electronic. It's a print copy of … Continue reading One More DIY Editing Tool: Hard Copy