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Mastering Word for Fiction Writers

Announcing the release of a completely revamped, updated, and extended online course. Same deep knowledge and open, approachable teaching style.


5 Must-have Word Techniques to Do It Yourself

  • an in-person PowerPoint presentation followed by Q&A, see blurb
  • design your own beautiful print book
  • upload your fuss-free docx
  • available for groups, conferences, panel discussion.

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Mastering Word for Fiction Writers

How to use Word to Create and Edit Your Manuscript, Prepare Your eBook, and Design Your Print Book

Whether you’re submitting a manuscript to a publisher or agent, preparing a file to upload for digital book conversion, or laying out a book for print-on-demand (POD) publication, mastering these techniques will help you work smarter, not harder.
There are cheaper word processors than Word. And there’s Adobe’s InDesign, the best in the business but also very expensive. However, Word has universal acceptance from all of the agents, editors, reviewers and retailers that you’ll encounter while getting your book to market.

Mastering multiple functions in Word will make your writing life more efficient. You’ll easily find and correct spelling and grammar errors, enjoy hassle-free critiques and beta reads, and move fluidly through your document.

If you’re self-publishing, you’ll have a clean manuscript that can be easily converted for eBook publication or printed book production.

The course covers six major topics in twelve easy-to-follow lessons. Typically, lessons are posted to a loop or forum each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for four weeks. Compressed or expanded schedules are easily accommodated.


  • Basic Styles
  • Headings and Title Page
  • Document Map and Table of Contents


  • Basic Find and Replace
  • Find variations of “to be”; e.g. is, was, had, been, being
  • Find “ing” words
  • Replace formatting, e.g. change all underscore to italic
  • Replace special characters, e.g. replace double dashes with a long dash

Proofing: Spelling, Grammar, and Writing Style

  • AutoCorrect
  • AutoFormat
  • Highlight grammar errors as you write
  • Correct common typing errors

Track Changes

  • Simplified tracking of critique and beta comments
  • Manage manuscript version

Formatting for Contest Entry, Agent/Editor Submission, eBooks and Print books

  • Parts of a book: front matter, chapters and scenes, back matter
  • Headers and Page Numbers
  • Margins and Gutters
  • Chapter Breaks and Section Breaks

Managing Pictures

  • requirements
  • cropping
  • text wrapping

Exporting Print Book to PDF

Increasing Your Efficiency 

  • Using Templates
  • View your manuscript in different ways
  • Modify Styles and update old manuscripts
  • Trouble-shooting techniques

5 Must-have Word Techniques to Do It Yourself

Design your Beautiful Print Book

Every author dreams of a successful book signing where readers can’t wait to get into their story. But once the reader gets past a gorgeous cover, what does she see? Boring, hard-to-read text that turns the reader away? Or well-spaced, interesting text that nudges the reader into your story?

During this presentation, you will discover the five essential Word techniques to craft a professional print book or prepare a trouble-free direct-upload Word docx.

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